Patient Testimonials

Here's what some of our patients have to say...

I began seeing Dr. O'Malley in Oct. 2012 while I was 10 weeks pregnant and I was experiencing severe hip pain. Almost immediately after seeing Dr. O'Malley the pain lessened. I was so thankful to be able to sleep through the night again. I continued seeing Dr. O'Malley for chiropractic care for the duration of my pregnancy and beyond. His treatments helped tremendously as my body adjusted to support the baby. I strongly feel the care I received contributed to a smooth pregnancy, preparing my body for the birth and helping me to heal afterwards. I would strongly recommend chiropractic care to all pregnant woman and feel Dr. O'Malley provided the ideal support for my particular needs. I cannot thank him enough!

Jennifer Smith   


I met Dr. O'Malley over a year ago when he came into our credit union for a day to offer chair massages and to introduce his practice. I never made my appointjment until a year later when my pain had accelerated and I was so uncomfortable. My co-worker had mentioned to me that Dr. O'Malley was great and he was pleased with Dr. O'Malley's services. I finally went to see Dr. O'Malley for a consultation and X-Rays, in May 2013. Dr. O'Malley was very professional, informative, and thorough in his examination and treatment plan. He explained how the treatment would work, if I stuck to the plan. I followed his treatment plan to the T and it worked. I finished my treatment in the 2nd week of July and I feel Great!  He was pleased with the final results of my x-ray as I was too. The office staff is also friendly and pleasant. I have since then, run into several other patients of his and they can't say enough about him and his office staff. If you are in pain, like I was, and you're looking for a professional chiropractor go see Dr. Tom O'Malley!

THANK YOU Dr. O'Malley!                                                                         Deb Reilly


I had been suffering from neck pain and severe headaches for about 7 months. I went to my primary care physician and was told I had developed migraines and was prescribed a medicine that I would have to take everyday for the rest of my life. I was not happy with those results so I decided to see Dr. Tom, who was recommended by a friend. Since I started seeing Dr. Tom and started my treatments, my headaches are completely gone and it was a result of bad posture. In the long term, if I didn't correct it now, it would of lead to more complex problems as I got older. I give Dr. Tom a big kudos for his diagnosis, thoroughness, professionalism and dedication.  Because of Dr. Tom, I am a new person.

Anna Lindblad


Dr. Tom has helped my neck problems by showing me exactly what was wrong with the alignment. He was very thorough in explaining why I had developed the problems and how I could correct them with his help. I`ve been seeing him for 3 months and the results are fantastic. His professionalism and enthusiasm make coming here an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic help.

Thomas Barnes


During the course of my career, I have sustained a variety of significant injuries. Most notably were those received when a cruiser I was operating, while responding to a call, had a blowout at a very high speed. The cruiser struck a guardrail, rolled over several times and burst into flames. Over the ensuing 15-20 years, various injuries began to have a cumulative impact on my overall physical well-being. I received conventional physical rehab via my primary medical coverage on several occasions. Each time a level of relief was received, but this relief seemed to be of shorter and shorter duration. It became clear to me that the rehab was treating the symptoms rather than the root cause of these recurring problems. In June of 2003, I was experiencing such intense arm pain that I had to hook my left thumb in a belt to carry my left arm. Additionally, I could once again not turn my head to the left to engage in something as simple as a conversation. Due to this constant discomfort, sleeping at night was almost impossible. I felt like I merely rested for short periods of time rather than actually going to sleep. I was again eating prescription pain meds like M&Ms. I should note that before seeing Drs. O`Malley I was told that the pain was something I would just have to get used to. Since seeing Dr. O'Malley it has been months since I have considered taking a prescription med for pain. I can use my left arm normally again. The range of motion I now have with my head feels like it is back to where it was before my injuries. My overall physical well-being has improved well beyond what I thought was possible. This is due entirely to the treatment I received from the Drs. O`Malley. They apply their treatment in a very friendly manner and it works. Chiropractic is now a permanent part of my healthcare routine. I wholeheartedly recommend chiropractic in general, and the Drs. O`Malley in particular, to anyone interested in improving their overall well being. Thank you O`Malley Healh and Wellness Center.

Paul Damery

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Tom O`Malley for being a great doctor and diagnostician. For two years, I suffered with intense pain in both knees to the point of using a wheelchair at times. I had seen many doctors, including 2 orthopedic specialists who gave the same diagnosis- age-related osteoarthritis in both knees. I was prescribed 1600 mg of an anti-inflammatory medicine as well as a prescribed dose of amitriptoline. These medications were not relieving the pain. I turned to chiropractic care. After an evaluation of my condition, Dr. O`Malley thought it would be beneficial to perform x-rays of my hip area. I was shocked with the new diagnosis-Congenital Hip Dysplasia which caused stage four osteoarthritis in both hips. He referred me for orthopedic consultation. Total hip replacements were the only solution to the pain I was in. I thank Dr. O`Malley for his dedication in getting to the cause of my pain and debilitation.

Beverly Gravison

I have been seeing chiropractors for more years than I can remember with comfortable results.  I have seen Dr. O`Malley for a few months and I can honestly say I have never felt better.  Dr. O`Malley is a very knowledgeable and committed person whom I have been very fortunate to have found.

Marilyn J. Gauvin

Dr. O`Malley has helped me so much from the pain of arthritis in my spine.  I couldn`t lift my arm up, it was painful to move my neck and I couldn`t get comfortable when I went to bed.  In a short time he has made it so much more comfortable for me.  My now monthly visits make it much easier to move.  Thank you Dr. Tom.

Kathy Gale

For many years I have experienced chronic arthritis. I decided to see if chiropractic care would help me. I had regular and beneficial treatments and had much less discomfort than usual. I was impressed with Drs. Kathleen and Thomas professional and caring approach to my specific problems. I highly recommend the Drs. O`Malley to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain.

Annalee Chambless

In 1997, I injured my back at work. I had a laminectomy in 1998 L4-5 disc. I was still in a lot of pain and could not do much physically. I battled with my physical problems until 2002 when my sister-in-law said she knew of a good chiropractor. The results were excellent. I was skeptical about chiropractic. I am now a faithful patient.

Stephen Feola

After years of hard abuse on my shoulders, neck and back, my pain had grown debilitating. I was unable to pick up my young daughter. My wife convinced me to try a visit with Drs. Tom and Kathy O'Malley. The pain was gone within weeks of careful treatment and stays away with periodic visits and regular exercise. Many thanks to Drs. Tom and Kathy for their care and thanks to my wife for encouraging me to see them.

Bob Frederico

I had always suffered from headaches, backaches and allergies. Since beginning my corrective care for Phase I subluxation/degeneration, my headaches are no more and my allergy symptoms are significantly reduced. My son comes in for his adjustments as he is a sports “nut” and has injured himself too many times than I can think of. He loves his adjustments and seeing Dr. Tom and Dr. Kathy.

Erin Sanchez

Since injuring my back in an auto accident several years ago, I have had ongoing lower back pain and weakness in my right leg. Right from the beginning, I felt like Dr. Tom really cared about my health and knew me as an individual patient. Whenever I called about anything, he always knew who I was and what my problems were (without having to look in his computer). Since being treated by Dr. Tom, my back feels great! No pain-No weakness!! With his help, I am training to run in a marathon and now run an average of 30 miles a week. Many, many thanks to Dr. Tom.

Anne B.

Dr. O`Malley took me from pain on a daily basis in my neck and lower back and within a couple of months has made me pain free. He always explained the procedures before he actually did the steps and always seemed genuinely concerned about my well being. Dr. Tom and Dr. Kathy are always pleasant and have a pleasant atmosphere in their office.

Tracy Swenson

I have found Dr. Thomas O`Malley to be very knowledgeable, professional and caring when working on the areas of concern in my back treatment. His thorough examination is one of the best I have seen and when using the manipulations necessary to get proper spinal alignment, he is patient as well as thorough, mixing several techniques in order to provide the best results at the least discomfort. He has certainly helped me to feel 80% better in about 4 week`s time.

Nancy Therrien

When I first came for treatment, I was in agony from my hips down to my legs. I could not sleep nights. I was in so much pain. After the first two weeks, I noticed marked improvement. After a few more treatments, I am now almost 100% better. I am so grateful to the O`Malley`s.

George Mahassal

Dr. Tom has “majestic hands.” I came to him with unbearable pain on the left side of my body. After an evaluation and seeing the damage that I have done to myself over the years (including my bill fold positioning), adjusting to Tom`s directions, I feel that I am on the road to recovery. “Tom” don`t lose the “majestic touch.” Best wishes and a happy holiday.

B. Campbell


Dr. O`Malley has done considerable work on my neck with great success. His relaxed manner is very enjoyable and different from other chiropractors. He also explains what he does which I like. He is a good Teacher and Doctor. He deserves the best.

Rose Searles

I had been under a doctor`s care for a C5-C6 herniated disc. I was taking several medications with negative results. Drs. Tom and Kathy O`Malley adjusted my back and neck and I started to feel improvement in about four visits.

Jim Coakley