Testimonials from Medical Professionals

“Dr. O`Malley is a competent professional who works well within the medical community. He is straight with his patients and clearly understands the importance of co-treating with other specialists, when necessary, to achieve the highest level of outcome for his patients.”

Kirk Johnson, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

“I refer patients to Dr. O`Malley because he is professional, has the best interest of his patients in mind and works well within the medical community.”

Kern Bayard, M.D.

Adult Medicine Physicians, LLC

“As a healthcare professional myself, I know quality care when I see it and I always get quality care from Drs. Tom and Kathleen O`Malley and their staff. They go the extra mile to deliver holistic healthcare I can trust.”

Kathy Nichols, R.N. PC

“Having been a nurse for over 19 years, I should have been taught the positive benefits of chiropractic care. The wear and tear on my body over time left me with severe neck and shoulder pain. A friend referred me to Dr. O`Malley. Dr. O`Malley took the time to complete a full evaluation and together we developed a treatment plan using a gentle, natural, holistic approach to healing. Using the principles of manipulation, traction and massage, Dr. O`Malley has relieved my chronic symptom of pain. Chiropractic care has been a complete wellness approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Catherine Hill, R.N.


I have found Dr. Tom and Dr. Kathy to be knowledgeable and caring. I have had chronic back pain for many years. I have definitely seen the benefits to my health. They use a variety of treatment methods to decrease my symptoms. It has been a long time since I`ve felt this well! Thank You.

Barbara Strik, R.N.


“I used to have annoying discomfort in my neck, shoulders and along my spine that I thought was due to work stress. X-rays revealed that I had Phase I degeneration in my cervical spine. Since we have been correcting my forward head posture and subluxations, these aches are practically non-existent. I have seen objective evidence on x-rays and my postural analyses. Drs. O`Malley are worth traveling 15-20 minutes to get to because they not only get the job done, but they`re genuinely concerned about my whole well-being. They care for all their patients this way.”

Jeanne Feola, R.N.

“I chose Dr. O`Malley as my chiropractor because he is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.”

Peggy Gronberg, R.N. OCN

“As an internal medicine specialist, I was doing everything I knew to treat my own back pain, including stretching exercises, hot/cold compresses and high doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.  I am now convinced that chiropractic care should be included in everyone`s health maintenance program.  We would see less irreversible spinal problems, which cause enormous burden and disabilities.  I also am appreciative of the care my daughter has received.  She is very comfortable with Drs.  O'Malley.”

Mireya Wessolossky, M.D.

 “The chronic neck pain I had been living with is gone. I stand straighter and feel better. Thank you for your natural holistic approach to health. You`ve made a difference in my life.”

Emily Fisher, R.N., Lic. Adm.

“I started seeing Dr. O`Malley in July of 2005 because of some degenerative changes in my neck. He explained fully what needed to be done and designed a protocol to minimize further deterioration. He has made a big difference in my neck and spine. My husband has also started seeking care and we are very happy with our progress and the caring demeanor of the staff as well.”

Kathy Hendrickson, L.P.N

“Two years ago I came to Dr. Kathy and Dr. Tom when my chiropractor of many years was unavailable. Dr. Tom and Dr. Kathy are professional, caring chiropractors who will work with your primary care physician to provide the best possible care for you, the patient. Thank you Dr. Tom and Dr. Kathy for your concern and professional care.

Marie Cooper, R.N. ADN